A Black Diamond Ring – How To Wear It

A Black Diamond Ring - How To Wear it
A Black Diamond Ring – How To Wear it

There are few items of jewellery as luxurious as a black diamond ring, but how to wear it? In this article we discuss the history and allure of black diamonds and give you style advice on how you should wear these precious stones.

When you think of a diamond, you’re probably imagining a clear, glasslike coloured precious stone. However, you may be surprised to know that diamonds come in many different colours, including red, green, pink, and there are even black diamonds. All these colours occur naturally in organic diamonds and black diamonds are sourced from mines just like other all of the other colours. A black diamond is every bit as genuine as its colourless cousin, but is naturally heavier. When compared, a black diamond of 1-carat will appear to be slightly smaller in size to a 1/carat colourless diamond as it is heavier.

A Black diamond ring - how to wear it

Despite being more scarce than colourless diamonds, a black diamond ring wasn’t considered to be a high-end gemstone until the late 20th century. In 1996, the founder and head of the Swiss jewellery house de Grisogono released a collection of black diamond rings, jewellery, and watches which launched a newfound appreciation for jewellery and in particular the black diamond ring. Today of course, black diamonds are more plentiful than they ever were in the recent past and a black diamond ring is right up there amongst the most desirable wedding rings for men.

The history of the black diamond ring is rich and shrouded in mystery.

Black diamonds were first discovered by Brazilians in 1840 who named them carbonados.  These spectacular precious stones, formed 2.6 to 3.8 billion years ago, are exceptionally rare and are mostly found in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

Different cultures have held different views and opinions of black diamond rings in the past. Some cultures regard them as bad luck or even a curse due to the fact the black diamonds resemble snake and spider’s eyes.  Others, more positively, believe that the black diamonds have protective properties. In Italy, for example, it is thought that simply touching a black diamond could help a couple whose marriage was in trouble as they believed that the matrimonial troubles would disappear into the stone once they touched it.

So why would you choose a black diamond ring?

Well put simply, Black Diamonds are the New Black! Black has always been the colour of sophistication, elegance, and power.  A black diamond ring is unique; one of a kind; out of the ordinary. A black diamond ring looks mesmerizing on the hands of any person but lends a special sophistication to a wedded man’s hand. It is a real statement and is the embodiment of class and style. So, if you want to make your own statement then choose a black diamond ring for your wedding ring and truly declare your devotion to your partner!

A Black Diamond Ring - How To Wear it

How to wear your Black Diamond Ring

Of course, what really matters is what you team your black diamond ring with. For a more traditional took then choose black diamonds set in gold. This classic statement piece is sure to stand out in the crowd. Gold and Black have been a successful colour combination for years and denotes success and superiority. The jet-black brilliance of the black diamond against the honey-coloured warm tones of the Gold provides a striking contrast that sets this duo aside as a real showstopper.

For those that want to continue down the less unconventional route choose Rose Gold for your black diamond ring. Rose Gold, or Red Gold, as its also known as, was once mostly used as an accent metal but is now enjoying a resurgence and is quite ‘on point’ when it comes to desirable wedding rings for men. There is something quite exotic about the tantalizing pink hues reflected in the intense sheen of the black diamonds that elevates a ring of this particular combination to avangarde status.

Platinum brings perhaps the most striking partnership. A black diamond ring fashioned in this superior precious metal has a spectacular quality with the black diamonds set in brilliant juxtaposition against the metal silvery lustre.

But perhaps the most exquisite combination for your black diamond ring (and the style you will find here at www.hizjewellery.com) is to partner these stunning gemstones with Black Zirconium. This all-black blend of sparkling stones and smooth manly metal brings a new and exciting look to the world of men’s rings. Zirconium in its natural form is a grey silvery steel colour, but when heated to extreme temperatures the metal transforms to black; permanently. This impressive colour change is then enhanced further by the style of finish. Choose either a muted matte finish which serves to promote the sparkle of the black stones really allowing them to stand out or highlight the shimmering black diamonds by setting them against the highly polished zirconium surface, whose deep dark shine helps to reflect their iridescent qualities.

Why would you wear a Zirconium, black diamond ring?

A black zirconium ring, set with these incredibly captivating dark stones is, quite simply, the only way to wear a black diamond ring. Either finish, polished of matte, will marry perfectly with the cool dark gems and the winning combination will look utterly mesmerizing on your hand.

Not only a style statement, this highly modern piece of men’s wedding jewellery is also innovative, different, unique. A zirconium black diamond ring has an alluring quality about it, not only will it look classy but due to the innovative use of this versatile metal, the ring is a statement of stature.

Yes, it’s unconventional to wear a black diamond ring, but it’s a bold and stunning look that will transform any outfit with little or no extra effort. Ultimately, you will determine what the black diamonds within your band mean to you but choosing a black diamond ring is choosing a wedding ring of understand beauty and elegance and wearing one on your wedding day will convey the message of bold individuality and subtle strength.

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