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Did you know that Zirconium is top of the list for Black Ring Choices!

Until recently the wedding ring market for men was hardly exciting and when you ventured out onto the highstreet and looked in the windows of the jewellery shops you could feel your eyes glaze over as they scanned across rows and rows for what looked like identical wedding rings. Hardly inspirational and black ring choices were practically non-existent.

So here at HIZ Jewellery we thought we would shake it up a bit and create a new line of men’s wedding rings combining traditional metals such as Platinum and Gold with the newcomer, Zirconium to give the man about town more black ring choices. You may be surprised to learn, that Zirconium has been around for centuries being an ancient chemical. And it has been used to make basic jewellery since man discovered how to extract and work with the metal, but it is only recently that this now trendy metal has featured in wedding and fashion ring styling giving the discerning groom to be, far more black ring choices.

Black Ring Choices New For 2022

At HIZ we wanted to create black ring choices that would allow the customer to experiment with their style and represent their personalities.  We feel that we have produced a range of rings containing varying amounts of Zirconium to produce more black ring choices for the modern man in this modern age.

All Black Ring Choices

Due to its amazing properties zirconium can be transformed from its natural colour to black when introduced to extreme heat. This enables this silverish metal to appear a stunning jet-black colour which when polished has the most captivating shine. At HIZ we have created black ring choices that take full advantage of this incredible metal’s attributes and the amazing finishes that can be fashioned with it.

Take for example the simple yet striking Zacharias. With a 6mm width and created in smooth soft court profile he’s a real presence on your finger. With a polished finish this is Zirconium at it most alluring. His 8-ball like dazzling sheen is more than surface bling, polished Zirconium has a fascinating ability to create real depth and splendour, so Zacharias is the perfect pick from our black ring choices to make a real statement on your wedding day.

Zacharias. Simple, yet stunning

But you don’t have to wedded to wear it! This ring is also proving popular as a dress ring as it’s so easy to wear. Its irradiance finish looks just as good with a dashing DJ as it does the cool fresh linen look on the summer’s day. The sheen of the highly polished surface reflects both natural sunlight and artificial light perfectly so this ring will dazzle both in the workplace and on the beach!  Easy to wear and easy on the eye and all-round player amongst the black ring choices for men at HIZ Jewellery.

Zephyr. Clean & Classic Lines

If you are looking for something with a little less vibrancy but with all the desirable attributes that black ring choices offer, then perhaps the slick and understated Zephyr is the zirconium ring for you. Although it has the same dimensions (a sturdy 6mm width and a curvaceous soft court profile) Zephyr has a fashionable brushed finish which transforms his surfaces giving them an understated yet sophisticated muted matt appearance.  To add just a touch of decadence there are two expertly carved grooves that lie towards Zephyrs outer edges which define his curved sides and provide a subtle decorative detail.

The beauty of this ring is that with its more subtle facade it lends itself to almost every wardrobe situation. It looks just as good with a classy suit as it does jeans and a hoodie. In fact, there is something about the less shinny finish of matt black ring choices that sits so well with denim. The slightly courser texture of jeans is complemented  perfectly in the softened finish of Zephyrs brushed zirconium and the two are brought together in a muted harmony.

Mostly Black Ring Choices

Barnabus brings a striking design feature that raises the bar when it comes to black ring choices. Running through the middle of his sleek black form is a seam of precious metal. Available with a  Rose Gold, Gold, Platinum and Silver inlay this effective decoration coursing along his midline really sets Barnabus apart from other black ring choices. Polished to a high shine, the brilliance of the black zirconium frames the middle band of coloured metal perfectly highlighting its rich qualities and emphasises the colour which stands out against the dark boarders.

Barnabus. An icon in black

And it’s this decorative design detail that allows Barnabus to be such a versatile addition to a gent’s jewellery collection. He is a statement piece and is probably at his most attractive when coupled with a tailored DJ or a crisp white shirt, especially if wearing the Platinum version. The bright silverish tones of the Platinum would be illuminated by the brilliance of the white which in turn would be emphasised by his dark black boarders.

If you wanted to add a splash of colour to your wedding attire, then consider Nimrod.  He’s available in all the usual precious metals but there is something quite unique about the partnership of Rose Gold and Polished Zirconium. Somehow the pinkish tones of this warm exotic metal are exaggerated by the mysterious darkness of the zirconium and the combination of the two creates a ring with alluring appeal.

Nimrod. Understated elegance

Nimrod is a stunning ring especially in his Rose Gold variety and it’s difficult to gaze at him without picturing him on the finger or a bond type character, suave and sophisticated ordering a martini at the roulette table alongside a beautiful but fearless woman in a daring dress with pistol tucked in her garter.

With his black interior Nimrod is a real head-turner amongst black ring choices and is going to add are real accent of class to any outfit. As mentioned before this ring lends himself effortlessly to the smart and debonair dresser but teamed up with casual slacks and a leather jacket, Nimrod brings a daredevil quality to the party!

And lastly Ezra. It is quite easy to picture this tour de force alongside the elaborate styling of the Sherwani, the colourful wedding garment worn by grooms at an Indian wedding.  You might think it odd to team up an all-black ring with what is more often than not  such a colourful and eye-catching piece of clothing, but it is exactly the sparkle of the complete circle of inset back diamonds in contrast to the brushed matt zirconium that enables Ezra to compete with such a vibrant display. 


Displaying a total black diamond  count of 1ct, this 6mm marvel’s muted surface elegantly offers a subtle backdrop for the inset gems which catch and reflect the light in a dazzling display. This prism like display of colours enables Ezra not only to look good from all angles but to sit harmoniously with the variously seasonal changes and colour trends of your wardrobe. Dark blues will lend the polished zirconium a blue-black hue and the diamonds ignite with the reflection of orange and red tones.

Perhaps for those that want a bit more sparkle on their wedding day or a statement piece to slip on when you’re out on the town.

Hopefully this small introduction to the black ring choices available at HIZ jewellery has introduced you to the possibilities of zirconium aligned with more traditional metals and presented you will some ideas how to match then up with your style.

For more information on zirconium and its amazing qualities got to What is Zirconium

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