Black Wedding Rings For Men

Black Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings Are On The UP!

Black wedding rings for men are becoming more and more popular as the search is on for more contemporary men’s wedding rings . Google analytics reports that there are close to 2000 searches per month on the term ‘black wedding rings for men’ alone and that is just in the UK. This statistic seems to suggest that ‘soon to be married men’ are looking for something slightly different to the norm, and that the desire to wear a contemporary men’s wedding ring with striking clean lines and more depth of colour may the start of a shift from the traditional to a more innovative and individual look.

So What Are Black Wedding Rings For Men Made From?

Well, although these contemporary men’s wedding rings have a fresh new look, the metal they are created from has been around for centuries, but its versatile properties were first discovered by a German chemist, Martin Heinrich Klaproth, in 1789. Zirconium, a natural metal, is a chemical element and has the symbol ZR and the atomic number 40. The name zirconium is actually taken from the name of the mineral Zircon and the word Zircon in turn is related to the Persian word Zargun meaning ‘as gold’ or ‘gold like’. So, despite the fact that it isn’t considered a precious metal, it seems that zirconium was destined for greatness in the long run!

Zirconium has a fascinating range of ‘character traits’ such as its excellent heat resistant properties and is therefore commonly used on space vehicles. Zirconium in its natural form is a lustrous, grey-white colour however once heated to very high temperature the surface of zirconium will change to a black colour. This permanent colour change occurs because the intense heating of the metal causes a transformation of the surface into a black ceramic like material. Controlling the exposure of the metal to the heat determines the depth of the colour which can range from a brilliant intense black to a gunmetal grey and in some cases a greyish blue hue.

One Of Zirconium Attractions Is Its Durability Making It The Perfect Choice For Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings.

This humble metal also has an excellent resistance to corrosion, so much so, that it is often used as an alloying agent in materials that are exposed to aggressive environments, such as surgical appliances, light filaments, and watch cases. It’s a relatively hard metal so again a great choice for everyday wear as it won’t scratch or damage easily. As well as being tough and scratch resistant Zirconium is a relatively lightweight metal so is easy to wear. A zirconium wedding ring is in fact the perfect choice for men who find wearing jewellery and rings awkward to wear as they will hardly know it’s there.

It is this strength and durability that makes zirconium as an excellent choice for a wedding ring as the metal will withstand alterations such a resizing without putting stress on the original structure. It also responds well to a variety of patterning techniques offering a range of attractive finishes to suit all tastes such as the memorising ‘black ball’ shine of a polished finish to a striking flat matt.


Zirconium is also hypoallergenic so won’t cause irritation to sensitive skin or those who are allergy prone.

Zirconium Black Wedding Rings Are Unrivalled In Style And Status

In its pure form, zirconium produces black wedding rings for men that are unrivalled in style and status, but perhaps one of this metal’s most attractive qualities is the ability to sit alongside other metals harmoniously accentuating their shine and lustre whilst still providing form and understated masculinity.

In summery black wedding rings for men would seem to be a very sensible choice as zirconium offers a lightweight, hardy ring that would be easy to wear, and be hard wearing. The different finishes that can be created through heating this metal produces a range of wedding rings that offer unique colours and finishes that aren’t seen as much in traditional jewellery.

Along with its hypoallergenic qualities and its resistance to tarnishing or fading black wedding rings would appear to cover all the bases offering an eye catching, innovative design with the knowledge that the ring will retain its lustre and stand the test of time.

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