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Zirconium – What Is It And What Makes It Special?

Here at HIZ Jewellery we thought that it was about time to think outside the jewellery box when it came to designing and creating rings for men. Looking about, we saw that wedding rings for men were somewhat outdone by rings for the fairer sex and what was available didn’t really have a presence in the market. Therefore, we sought to change this and launched a bespoke men’s wedding ring range. You’ll see from the off that the HIZ ring looks different and there is a new and eye-catching metal... Read More


What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Christmas and New Year’s are long behind us and the most romantic day of the year, is fast approaching. There is little doubt that as a devoted partner you are asking yourself what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.   Whether you buy into the Valentine’s hype or not (and some would say that it’s now all a marketing ploy to get us all to spend money in florists and restaurants that have all put their prices up for the day!) the true roots of Valentine’s Day is deeply embedded... Read More


How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows – The Ultimate Guide.

Getting married is one of the most emotional things that will happen to you in your lifetime. For both you and your partner, declaring your love for each other publically in front your nearest and dearest is a momentous occasion and one that you should not undertake lightly. It is no surprise therefore, that many couples are choosing to write their own wedding vows as they feel that the standard text doesn’t quite grasp the full extent of the emotion or reflect the modern era, their personality or lifestyle. ‘Till... Read More


Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

If you are wondering ‘do men wear engagement rings?’ then you wouldn’t be alone. It’s one of the questions we get asked the most. When you think of the phrase ‘engagement ring’ you wouldn’t be criticized for picturing a sparkling diamond solitaire being gently slipped onto the petite ring finger of a woman’s left hand. And if you were asked to picture in your mind’s eye the male equivalate your first response would probably be “Do men wear engagement rings?” The answer to that question is not quite as straight... Read More


How Much Money Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring?

Assuming that the engagement ring has already be purchased and the recipient is happily wearing it, you find yourself now facing the task all over again and asking yourself how much money should you spend on a wedding ring? You will already have navigated through the process of choosing the right engagement ring and you will be very aware of the level of cost involved and the daunting amount of variety and style that jewellery representing the uniting of couples provides. However, as the happy days draws nearer, you need... Read More


A Black Diamond Ring – How To Wear It

There are few items of jewellery as luxurious as a black diamond ring, but how to wear it? In this article we discuss the history and allure of black diamonds and give you style advice on how you should wear these precious stones. When you think of a diamond, you’re probably imagining a clear, glasslike coloured precious stone. However, you may be surprised to know that diamonds come in many different colours, including red, green, pink, and there are even black diamonds. All these colours occur naturally in organic diamonds... Read More


Which Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On?

These days it is normal for men to wear wedding rings. So much so, that the omission of a wedding ring from the hand of a married man may cause eyebrows to rise and even perhaps suggest an underhand motive! Take Prince William for example, the press made much of the fact that he announced that he wasn’t going to wear a ring and when they pressed him for an answer, he simply stated that jewellery wasn’t really his thing. Only a few generations ago men were in the minority... Read More


Black Ring Choices – Ultimate Style Guide

Did you know that Zirconium is top of the list for Black Ring Choices! Until recently the wedding ring market for men was hardly exciting and when you ventured out onto the highstreet and looked in the windows of the jewellery shops you could feel your eyes glaze over as they scanned across rows and rows for what looked like identical wedding rings. Hardly inspirational and black ring choices were practically non-existent. So here at HIZ Jewellery we thought we would shake it up a bit and create a new... Read More


How To Measure Ring Size

How To Measure Ring Size – The Ultimate Guide We are often asked what ring size am I and how to measure ring size, so we wrote this article to help you do it the right way, after all, no one wants a ring that doesn’t fit correctly. Shopping online for your wedding ring is becoming the norm now with thousands more styles and options available than you could possibly find on one high street or even shopping arcade. The internet showcases men’s wedding rings in a variety of metals,... Read More


Top Tips For Buying Your Wedding Ring

Buying your wedding ring may seem a daunting task as it’s an item of jewellery that will be worn all day, every day. It needs to look good, feel comfortable and sit well with your general style and other jewellery should you wear it. For some men, a wedding ring may be the first item of jewellery that they have worn and as there is an incredible range of weddings rings to choose from these days it may be difficult to know where to start. Different colours, widths, profiles and... Read More