Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

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If you are wondering ‘do men wear engagement rings?’ then you wouldn’t be alone. It’s one of the questions we get asked the most. When you think of the phrase ‘engagement ring’ you wouldn’t be criticized for picturing a sparkling diamond solitaire being gently slipped onto the petite ring finger of a woman’s left hand. And if you were asked to picture in your mind’s eye the male equivalate your first response would probably be “Do men wear engagement rings?” The answer to that question is not quite as straight forward. We find ourselves in a modern era and a while old tradition will never die, they may have to shuffle over a tad as new traditions begin to take root.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings, And If So Who And Why?

Believe it or not men’s engagement rings or promise rings are staring to grow in popularity as men choose to wear them to proclaim their love for, and commitment to, the person they’re going to marry.
In fact, claim that in a recent survey asking the question “do men wear engagement rings” 17% of men said they would indeed wear one. While not for everyone, it seems that this modern twist on an age-old tradition is quietly gathering speed and the trend is set to increase.

Mens Engagement Rings – a potted history

If you are new to the wedding game you may be forgiven for thinking that men’s engagement rings are a new trend but this is simply not the case. Men’s engagement rings have actually been around in one form or another for about 100 years. Back in 1926, the now well-known Macy’s, a New Jersey department store (originally know as L. Bamberger & Co until 1986 when it converted to Macy’s) advertised men’s engagement rings. Despite a series of adverts promoting the wearing of an engagement ring as a very manly affair, it didn’t quiet catch on. But then you have to consider that at that time in the 1920s most men didn’t even wear wedding rings! In fact, it was Humphrey Bogart who may have paved the way for men’s wedding jewellery in the 1940’s when he was wore a wedding band and other celebrities of the era soon followed suit.

Men’s engagement rings started emerging again in the 2000’s. It was home grown British Jewellery, H Samuel that produced a ring made of titanium embedded with small diamonds and marketed it as a man’s engagement ring. A new trend emerged and by 2013 it seemed that the modern men would not only consider wearing an engagement ring but quite liked the idea of being proposed too and were waiting for their fiancées to make the first move!

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings On Their Left Hand?

If you are considering acquiring an engagement ring or you suspect you may be given one, may be asking yourself the question “Where do men wear engagement rings?” As is custom in this country, both engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on the left hand and on the fourth finger, (that’s why it’s known as the ring finger of course). Women wear their rings together and in fact some rings are actually sold as a pair. If purchase separately women will often choose a wedding ring that is shaped to fit the engagement ring snuggly so that they can both sit comfortably together on her left hand.

If you are going to wear a male engagement ring you may want to wear them on the wedding finger leading up to the wedding and then simply swap this ring to the other hand making room for the wedding ring on your left hand. If you’d rather not have a ring on both hands you could choose to hang your engagement ring on a chain and wear it around your neck. Or depending on the style and width of your rings you could follow modern trends and ‘stack’ the rings wearing both together.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings in a Same-Sex Marriage.

Same sex marriages were legalised in this country in 2014 which led to a dramatic increase in the purchasing of men’s engagement rings. It is perfectly normal for a gay man who is betrothed to his boyfriend to want to announce that commitment with an engagement ring. It is really down to personal preference as to whether both men in the relationship wear a ring. There are no hard and fast rules about it. Let’s not forget that Price William chose not to wear a wedding ring as jewellery isn’t his thing. If one man in the couple is wearing an engagement ring, why wouldn’t they both want to?

Across Cultures, Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Some men who wear engagement rings aren’t doing so because of a trend started by celebrities. Some men are choosing to wear an engagement ring to honour their family and to follow long-standing cultural traditions. If you asked a chap from Argentina or Chile “do men wear engagement rings?” then they would explain that men in these regions have worn male engagement rings for generations. These men choose to wear an engagement ring as a declaration of their heritage and at times, men marrying Southern American brides may adopt family engagement rings to honour their fiancée’s family traditions. One famous example of this of this was Michael Bublé. When engaged to Argentinian model Luisana Lopilato, he was spotted wearing a plain band on his ring finger soon after their plans to marry was announced.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings Or Is It Just Celebrities?

It’s hardly a shock to find that the trend started by Humphrey Bogart sporting a wedding band back in the 1940’s has been magpied by male stars in this modern era. There are some well know names that have jumped on the male engagement ring bandwagon. Most recently Ed Sheeran made headline news when he appeared in public wearing an male engagement ring explaining that Cherry (his soon to be wife) made it for him. A homemade ring mostly definitely the Cherry on top of the cake for Ed!
Johnny Depp wore a vintage style diamond engagement ring. It was rumoured to be the one he actually bought for Amber Heard but for whatever reason it ended up on his ring finger before he got to say, I do. The press noticed it of course and but he was ready for their quips and referred to the sparkler as his ‘mangagement ring’.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings To Make A Statement About Their Relationship?

Traditionally, a wedding ring seen on a woman’s hand indicates that she “belonged” to her husband and an engagement ring signified that she is betrothed to her man and therefore unavailable. Thankfully we have moved on from the owner ship style of marriage but do men wear engagement rings to advertise the fact they are spoken for or is the statement more about symbolizing their love and devotion to their fiancé?
As men started wearing wedding rings it demonstrated that marriage was not about ownership but partnership and that his wedding ring demonstrated his commitment and of course love for his partner. A clear sign of the recognition that marriage takes two. So, despite the popstars and actors making the male engagement ring popular, todays modern man wears an engagement ring to make a statement of their intent: a symbol of devotion and the promise of dedication.
Of course, this opens up the way for ladies to do more proposing to their partners. With the popularity of engagement rings for men on the rise , ladies can now enact the age old tradition and get down on one knee and pop the question while popping off the top of the ring box.

Final Words On “Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?”

Do men wear engagement rings? Yes, and why not! Of course, it’s all down to personal preference. Through the ages women have been proud to wear their engagement rings, showing that they’re in love and that they are committing to a life with their partner, for better or worse. If a man likes wearing jewellery and rings in particular, then why not get in on some mangagement ring action! It will certainly provide a talking point while at the same time show the world he’s engaged to be married.

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