How To Get Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

So, you have decided that she’s the one and you want to surprise her by popping the question while presenting her with a stunning ring.   No matter what style and shape or regardless of what or how many precious stones you think this engagement ring should have, it needs to able to slip effortlessly onto her finger and fit her perfectly. So, before you can even begin shopping for a ring, you need to get your partner’s finger size. We’ve put a few ideas together to help you achieve this without her knowing. 

Popping the Question?

Things to Try At Home

If she wears a selection of rings, see if you can ‘borrow’ one.  It is unlikely that your girlfriend will wear a ring on her wedding hand so take a ring that sits on the ‘ring finger’ of the right hand and take it to a professional jeweller. They will place it on their goldsmith’s ring mandrel and be able to give you the exact size. However, this assumes that the fingers are exactly the same size. Generally speaking, if a person is righthanded then the fingers on this hand may be slightly larger than the left simply because the hand is used more. With this in mind, it might be advisable to get a slightly smaller size. Alternatively, you could choose a ring usually worn on the middle finger instead and come down a size or two for the right fit.

If you think she might be suspicious of her ring missing you could simply wait until she’s occupied and lift the ring from her jewellery box. Discreetly lay the ring flat on a piece of paper and with a sharped pencil (you want a really fine point so that you can get as close to the metal as possible) drawn round the inner circumference. Take this drawing to the jeweller who will be able to measure the diameter and give you the appropriate ring size.

If she’s a heavy sleeper then try a selection of her rings on her ring finger while she’s deep in slumber so you can get a good idea of which one fits. Then you can take this ring or a drawing of the inside impression of the ring as mentioned above to get it sized.

Likewise, you might want to try and use our Free Hiz Ring Sizer. Slip it on and tighten it to a comfortable fit. Remove it, make of note the letter and you have an accurate size.

Another method is to take the ring that you think best fits the ring finger and place it on your own finger until it gently nuzzles your knuckle make a note of where it sits and use the ring sizer on your own ringer to gauge the size or go to a jeweller and ask them to size your finger in the same spot

Get a Little Help From Her Friends

By now you will know your girlfriend’s friends and which ones you can trust to keep a secret. Take this friend into your confidence and ask her to help you hatch a plan to get right ring size. She’ll have to be canny and secretive without arousing any suspicion.

If things have been serious between the two of you for a while, then your fiancé to be may have already been looking at rings and may even know her ring size. While she will not have discussed these things with you she will have certainly done so with her best friend so you may only have to ask the question.

It might be worth choosing an accomplice that is also in a long-term serious relationship with marriage on the horizon and enlist her to trick your girlfriend into thinking that all the fuss being made over rings is for her friend and not her. Ask the friend her invite your partner to go shopping. She could suggest that she wanted to look at rings and try some on. Once in the shop she could suggest that they both get their fingers sized and try on different styles.  This way you’ve not only got her exact size but also have a steer as to what style she might like.

You may know of a friend that has just got engaged and taking her into your confidence arrange for them to meet. Ask your girlfriend’s friend to offer her engagement ring to your partner to try on. She can pretend she wants to see what it looks like on her hand. She can then subtly ask if it fits or if it’s too big/small. The friend can then inform you of whether your girlfriend is the same size as her or if you need to go up or down a size or two.

Resizing or Returns

Don’t panic if this is all sounding to risky, most rings can be resized. A good jeweller has the expertise to resize the ring for you. There are some exceptions due to the stone settings but if you have bought from a reputable jeweller they should exchange it for an alternative size.

It is worth noting that adding precious metal to make the ring smaller may be more expensive but the structural integrity of the ring will be intact. Small rings can be stretched larger by using specialist equipment, but this may put stress on the stones and settings

Top Tips For Buying Her Ring

  • If you don’t know the size enlist the help of her friends
  • Always measure fingers in the evening.
  • Bear in mind that the thicker the band the tighter it will fit.
  • If in doubt go slightly larger than smaller. At least if it’s too big she can still wear it. Too small and she won’t be able to get it on or if she does it might pinch or hurt.
  • Make sure to ask the jeweller what the policy is if the rings doesn’t fit and make sure you understand the options for resizing.

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