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How To Measure Ring Size – The Ultimate Guide

We are often asked what ring size am I and how to measure ring size, so we wrote this article to help you do it the right way, after all, no one wants a ring that doesn’t fit correctly.

Shopping online for your wedding ring is becoming the norm now with thousands more styles and options available than you could possibly find on one high street or even shopping arcade. The internet showcases men’s wedding rings in a variety of metals, colours, shapes, styles and profiles so you can sit in the comfort or your own home and buy the perfect ring without lifting a finger. But how will fit your finger? How can you find out how to measure your ring size at home?

In this article we will explain how to measure ring size so that ordering the perfect ring in the perfect size is easy and stress free.

How To Measure Ring Size (the professional way)

Here at HIZ Jewellery we have tried to make things as easy as possible for you when it comes to finding out how to measure ring size. But perhaps first we should talk you thorough the sizing of men’s wedding rings so you understand how it works.

Ring sizes are given in millimetres based on the inner circumference of the ring and are sized on a standard scale throughout the United Kingdom so that one size is the same from jeweller to jeweller and indeed from county to county across the UK. Ring sizes are known by letters of the alphabet and range from A to Z+6 and measure in half sizes too. So, if you are between conventional sizes don’t worry, as that is a size in itself.

To find out your ring size, the jewellery industry uses an instrument called a mandrel. This is a metal cone-shaped wand which is marked with the sizes along its graduated length. The Jeweller would simply slip the ring onto the mandrel and wherever it came to rest without being lose or jammed too tight would determine the ring size. In conjunction with the mandrel, a jeweller would use a finger ring gauge to measure customers fingers such as the Wheatsheaf Ring Gauge. This ring sizer is a series of metal rings approximately 2mm wide and with each ring marked with a UK ring size. These smaller rings are attached to a large hoop and is an essential tool for the jewellery trade as it accurately measures the rings size of the customer. The rings are simply slipped onto the finger where the ring is required one by one until the correct fit is found.

Both the mandrels and Ring Gauges are available to buy on the internet, but it seems a rather unnecessary expense when there are simple methods you can use to measure your ring size at home, which are cheaper and more convenient.

How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home With A Paper Ring Sizer

Here at HIZ Jewellery and with you, the customer in mind, we have strived to make the process of how to measure your ring size at home as easy and as stress free as possible.
If you follow this link it will take you to our HIZ Jewellery downloadable ring sizer. HIZ Jewellery Downloadable Ring Sizer

Simply print out the pdf and follow the instructions. Cut out our HIZ Jewellery downloadable ring sizer taking care to accurately cut the small slit at the one end and thread the pointed end through. Pop this loose loop onto your finger and gently pull so that the loop closes around the finger. The black arrow will then point to a ring size. If you don’t have a printer at home, you could email this to a friend that does and ask him to print it out. Don’t forget to buy him a pint! Or email us at and we can post one out to you. A little tip the thicker the paper you print it on the more robust the ring sizer will be and wont tear or bend out of shape too much.

How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home With A Plastic Ring Sizer

HIZ Jewellery Plastic Ring Sizer

If you don’t feel comfortable using our paper ring sizer, then why not request our Free HIZ Jewellery ring sizer. This is a natty little tool that you can tuck away and use again should you require another ring, or indeed want to buy a ring for your partner. These snazzy gizmos are easy to use and what is more, we send them out for free!  Our plastic ring sizer works on the same principle as the paper ring sizer. Simply thread one end through the notch and gently pull so the loop tightens comfortably around your finger. Again, the arrow will indicate your ring size. There is no easier to way to measure your ting size at home.

You can request you HIZ Jewellery Free Ring Sizer here

How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home With String

Another method of how to measure your ring size at home is to use good old-fashioned string and a ruler, but there are some snags with this though, so alongside informing you of how to do it we will also give you some tips so you can get a more accurate result.

Find yourself a piece of string or twine something like parcel spring will do and wrap this around the base of the finger you want to measure. Using a pen, mark the point at which the string overlaps itself and forms a complete circle. Lengthen the piece of string out on a flat surface and with an accurate ruler, measure the length from the start of the string to your pen mark. Then you can use this measurement to find the circumference as listed in the ring sizes indicated on this guide.

Circ in
Circ in
Circ in
A 37.8mm J 48.7mm S 60.2mm
B 39.1mm K 50.0mm T 61.4mm
C 40.4 mm L 51.2mm U 62.7mm
D 41.7mm M 52.5mm V 64.0mm
E 42.9mm N 53.8mm W 65.3mm
F 44.2mm O 55.1mm X 66.6mm
G 45.5mm P 56.3mm Y 67.8mm
H 46.8mm Q 57.6mm Z 68.5mm
I 48.0mm R 58.9mm    

Top Tips On How To Measure Your Ring Size With String

Don’t use stretchy string. In an effort to take the measurement you may inadvertently stretch the sting and therefore will come away with an inaccurate result. Give the piece of string you are using a good tug to make sure there is little or no give in it.

In the same premise don’t be tempted to rummage through your partners sewing box for the tape measure and wrap that around your finger. These can also be stretchy and really, they’re not designed for measuring such intricate measurements such as millimetres.

If you are struggling to take the measurement of the piece of string, then find yourself some clear tape and stick one end of the string down to a worktop. Take care that it is aligned properly and that there isn’t any angles or kinks. Then simply measure from one stuck end to the pen mark.

Wrapping the string is a bit fiddly but don’t be tempted to pull the string too tight or hold it in place by squeezing your fingers together as this will cause them to change shape which could lead to a misreading.

If you have enough string, try tying a piece of string so that it replicates the size you have calculated and try it on for fit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and it should just squeeze over the knuckle.

How Measure Ring Size Using A Ring You Already Have

You may already have a ring that fits well on the finger you want to purchase a ring for. If that is the case, then place the ring on a piece of paper and taking a pencil, carefully draw around the inner circumference. Lift the ring away and taking some string lay this over the pencilled circle mark taking care to make marks at the point at which the two ends of the string overlap. As above, straighten out the string and measure between the two marks you have made.

Top Tips On How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home Using A Ring You Already Have

  1. Try to use a pencil and make sure the lead is sharpened to a fine point. Try not to use biro as the plastic casing may butt up against the ring and there give you a false reading.
  2. If you haven’t tried this ring on in a while do so, just to make sure that it does fit comfortably.
  3. To get an accurate reading, tape the two ends of the string down placing the tape clear of the two marks and this way you will have a straight line to measure with a ruler.
    So hopefully you now are well equipped with the knowledge and/or instruments that are required to know how to measure your ring size at home.

Remember that if you do get it wrong and the ring you have purchased from us doesn’t fit, then here at HIZ Jewellery we operate a free returns policy if the ring is returned is within 14 days.

Finally, we will leave you with some helpful pointers that will help you measure your ring size so you can order with confidence at

Top Tips On How To Measure Ring Size

  1. When measuring your finger, remember that your ring should fit your finger comfortably. It should be snug enough so that it won’t fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with relative ease.
  2. If you find that your knuckle is wider than the circumference of the base of your finger measure both places and pick a size in between the two to ensure maximum comfort.
  3. Measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm. Your finger size will change slightly depending on the time of day and the weather. For example, your fingers are actually smaller in the early morning and in cold weather.
  4. Measure 3 to 4 times for more accuracy.

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