Ring sizes are represented by letter and at HIZ Jewellery we cater for the sizes G to Z+4

The very best way to determine your ring size is to visit a jewellers and get your finger measured by a professional jeweller. However here are few other options that may be useful. 

We can send you a Free Ring Sizer.

Click on the link below and fill in your address details. We'll put one in the post to you straight away. It operates just like a cable tie. 
Slip the narrow end through the gap at the end and pull gently until it sits comfortably on your ring finger. The small arrow will indicate the size you are.  

 If you can’t wait for the post download our paper version of the above. Simply cut it out following the instructions.


  • Always measure your fingers in the evening as they tend to swell during the day

  • Don’t pull the ring sizer too tight. You are looking for a ‘snug’ fit that allows for a little rotation

  • Not too snug, it’s important that is doesn’t pinch

  • Your knuckle should stop the ring from sliding off, as a test, leave the ring sizer on its setting and see if you can comfortably pull it over your knuckle

  • Bear in mind that the greater the width of the band the tighter the fit will be, so go up a size

  • For more information on the different fits and styles of wedding rings see Men’s Wedding Ring Advice