The choice of your wedding ring is a highly personal and emotional matter.

The ring you will wear not only represents your personality but is a declaration of your love and a symbol of your commitment.  Alongside your preferred aesthetics, you may also want to consider your lifestyle and the jewellery you already wear before you reach a final decision on your wedding ring.

The very essence of the HIZ ring is the fact that each wedding band is an innovative and unique blend of metals. So we thought it might be helpful if we told you a little about each metal to help you decide which combination it best for you.


Platinum is a white metal; one of the most popular and rarest of the precious metals used for men’s wedding bands.  It has a greyish, silver finish and acquires a desirable muted patina with age. It is a popular choice as diamonds set within this luxurious metal stand out more and seem to have a greater sparkle.

Platinum has a higher density and weighs approximately 35% more than 18ct yellow gold. Platinum's purity means wedding rings in this metal are hypoallergenic, nickel-free and are suitable for all skin types.  A platinum wedding band is a great choice for a wedding ring not only for its evident opulence but also its durability being a hard-wearing precious metal.


Yellow Gold has wonderful warmth and luxurious glow which is why it is the traditional choice for men’s wedding rings. A wedding ring fashioned with Yellow Gold produces a classic yet romantic look encapsulating the very essence of matrimony.  Yellow Gold with its unique amber hues and natural beauty is like no other precious metal and it is therefore easy to understand why is has been crafted and coveted for centuries.


Rose Gold, although favoured by Russian Tsars, has until recent years been used merely as an accent colour.  It is now enjoying a resurgence and is increasingly the choice for the contemporary man who wants to wear something rather more up to date then the conventional wedding ring.  Rose Gold is really the perfect colour for a wedding ring as the subtle blush tones of this metal has traditionally symbolised love and affection. Unlike other metals of pinkish undertones, rose gold with its high purity levels and low reactivity doesn't tarnish and will therefore keep it good looks for years to come. A Rose Gold wedding ring gains its pinkish colour from the addition of copper, and this makes it an excellent choice for those who might be susceptible to skin irritation.


Zirconium is a pure, hypoallergenic and hard-wearing grey coloured metal which is equally attractive in a matt finish as it is polished up to a bright, glossy lustre.

Plain Zirconium has some amazing assets and is commonly used on space vehicles due to its excellent heat resistant properties.  When heated to extreme temperatures the metal surface darkens to a brilliant black. This transformation is due to the Zirconium reacting to the intense heat creating a black ceramic like surface. The result is an intensely deep black colour which provides a real statement whether polished to a shine or treated to a satin finish giving the ring a more subtle shade. Find out more about zirconium by visiting the following pages.

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Let’s not forget silver.  It is a reliable, uncomplicated metal that provides a sophisticated and understated choice. It is extremely similar in colour to much more costly metals and has the same crisp, shiny appearance as platinum. Silver also ages well gathering a refined sheen due to being routinely polished from daily wear.