You may not have considered the style of your wedding ring but the overall shape is an important consideration along with the wedding ring’s width, weight, size and fit.

You could just see a ring and know it’s ‘the one’ but we know from years of experience that sometimes a little bit of expert advice and guidance can make all the difference when choosing the right ring.  Yes, your wedding ring has to be striking with good looks that will last a lifetime but it also has to be comfortable and all these elements play a part in establishing the perfect wedding ring for you.


The main ring shape we use here at HIZ Jewellery is the court shape which is commonly used for men’s wedding bands. The court shape ring has a curved internal edge which allows the ring to rest more comfortably on the finger while still providing elegant aesthetics. The external profile of the court shape comes in a range of options to suit all preferences.


The Flat Court is a sophisticated wedding ring style.

It has the smooth curved inside however the sides are flat leading to an angular edge and therefore the overall profile is less domed.  This shape has clean, striking lines that provides a modern twist on the more traditional wedding ring.


This is the popular wedding ring shape.

The Soft Court is rounded on all edges its smooth roundness ensures a comfortable fit on your wedding ring finger while displaying a timeless classic quality. Due to the rounded sides and edges the ring profile is more domed giving it a smooth stylish appearance.


Cushion Fit is somewhere between the Flat Court and Soft Court.

While the interior and sides are rounded the curves are less generous. This results in a less domed profile with subtle curves to the outer edges providing maximum comfort whilst still echoing the sleek lines of the Flat Court.


Where do we start!  There are so many things to consider here from the texture to the finish of the edge. Metal can be polished to a high shine or left matt depending on your preference. The ring could have a textured or patterned finish to add interest. Of course, there is choice of metals as we have covered in our Know Your Metal guide and you can also have a mix of metals with an inlay or ring edge. And then of course there are diamonds!


The Polished Finish is the most popular choice of men’s wedding rings.  Here the metal is polished to high sheen and has a highly reflective quality. This particular finish is also known as the ‘mirror finish’ as traditionally you should be able to see your own reflection in the ring’s surface. It’s important to note however, that overtime (due to its shiny complexion) this high polish finish may show scratches more than a stylized finish would. We do however offer a retouching service so your ring will be restored to its former glory as and when you require.


The Matt Finish, also known as satin or brushed, is achieved by rubbing the surface on the ring with an abrasive material or brush which dulls the shine and creates a non-reflective, less vibrant tone quite different from the glossy appearance of its cousin, the polished variety.  However, this muted effect brings a subtle, soft warmth to the piece and makes for an understated yet stylish wedding ring.  The great advantage of this finish is that it doesn’t show the scratches as obviously as the polished variety and the finish can be retouched easily.


Just as the name suggests the surface of the metal is lightly beaten leaving a faceted mosaic effect. The Hammered Finish suggests a more rustic look is available in both a polished and matt finish and is less likely to show wear and tear due to its multifaceted surface.


A Bevel or chamfered edge is a lovely design detail that gives the wedding rings a feature of three faces, unlike the more classic wedding rings which have one continuous outer surface. A bevel adds an extra dimension to a plain style of wedding band and can be applied to various styles of band. The most distinctive bevelled designs have a flat outer face and narrow chamfered edge giving the wedding ring the three-sided appearance. 


Grooves area a design element that gives your ring decorative detail. Small channels are carved into the surface of the wedding ring leaving grooves providing subtle linear decorations. These grooves are particularly effective toward the outer edges of the ring or lying at the point where two contrasting metals meet offering definition.


The Stepped Edge gives an otherwise flat ring a subtle design detail. The profile of the ring steps down at the outer edges leaving the centre band slightly prominent thus delivering style and classic elegance.


Diamond Cut simply refers to the tool with which the decoration is applied. A diamond is used to carve into the rings surface creating grooves, ridges or bevelled edges. This technique is employed to great effect on the HIZ Zirconium rings as the diamond cuts back the blackened façade to reveal the virgin colour of the metal below resulting in lustrous shine.


We can also engrave your HIZ ring. It maybe that you want a memorable date such as your wedding day, your partners name or indeed a short quote or message that symbolises your union to each other. You can upload a file on each product page. Don’t make it too long as you don’t want your message to crowd your hallmark! See the engraving guide here.

Please note that we do not accept returns once the ring has been engraved.

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