HIZ is proud to be supporting the Bathams Racing Team with Michael Rutter, one of Motorcycle Racing’s legends who in 2022 is competing in the

Isle of Mann TT, The Northwest 200 Road Race and the Macau Grand Prix


In British Superbikes he has an astounding 431 Starts (1993 – 2016) with 29 wins and 109 podiums. He is spoken of as a legend which accurately represents his many achievements over a remarkable 30-year competitive career. This historic title might seem somewhat premature as Rutter is still riding competitively using his finely honed skills, determination, focus and unbridled passion for the sport to remain competitive while successfully teaming up with Bathams Ales to launch and manage a competitive racing team that is very much in contention wherever it races. 

And it’s not only Rutter that heralds the title of legend! Bathams Brewery have been brewing, serving (and winning awards for) the finest Mild and Bitter for no less than 6 generations and continue to do in their 12 pubs liberally sprinkled across the West Midlands.  Although their methods are steeped in history and their recipes handed down through the decades, they are very much a forward-thinking enterprise.  For example, to mark the 140th Anniversary of their foundation in 1877, Bathams modernised the book ”The History of Bathams Black Country Brewers” by publishing it in a PDF format that can be downloaded from their website Bathams.co.uk.

Both being local legends (one on the track and the other in a pint glass) it seemed perfect harmony for Bathams Brewery and Rutter to team up and form Bathams Racing and since their launch in 2018 they have proven to be an exciting team with impressive results.




Special Edition Bathams Racing Ring 'The Blade' HIZ Jewellery


There’s nothing quite as exhilarating or thrilling than the speed, sound and sheer sceptical of motorcycle road racing and you can’t help but admire the immeasurable skills demonstrated by the riders as they guide these powerful bikes along humble A & B roads at speeds topping 200mpr! Then of course there is the insane technology and precision engineering brought together in perfect harmony and encased in sleek and sexy aesthetic designs. 

Obviously HIZ was keen to tap into some of this intoxicating drama.   But there is more to the thrills (and spills) provided by this kind of racing that attracted us to the sport. Here at HIZ, also a Midlands based company, we felt that there was much synergy with our partnership with Bathams Racing, Michael Rutter and the sport of Motorcycle Road Racing. We too are precision craftsmen having pushed the boundaries of design and jewellery manufacturing and experimented in combining a variety of metals to create a truly distinctive range of rings for the discerning male. The sleek modern lines of our HIZ Rings designed with a unique combination of metals sets us ahead of the field and creates a style that is undeniably exclusive to the HIZ brand. However, like the sport in question, performance is equally as important as good looks and metals of the highest quality are used with rigorous quality control in place for each and every HIZ Ring ordered.  

Zirconium is used extensively throughout our collection and has a number of incredible qualities such as being scratch resistant and hypoallergenic.  But perhaps its most alluring quality is the ability to change colour when treated to extreme heat. 


Using this method of heating Zirconium, we were able to create the Special Edition Ring to commemorate our support to the Bathams team and as an acknowledgement of Mr Rutter’s dedication to this amazing sport and his many triumphs.

‘The Blade’ designed and crafted exclusively for Bathams Racing and limited to a run of 250 is an all-black affair. A statement ring, fashioned from Black Zirconium and a significant 6 mm in width.  Its smooth dark outer surface has a muted matt finish and sports precision cut twin grooves that lie just within the ring’s outer boarders. 

‘The Blade’ has polished bevelled edges the angles of which serve to highlight the subtle black lines etched into the brushed finished surface giving this handsome ring a certain sophistication.

The smooth polished zirconium continues on the interior of the ring which is shaped to a gentle contour to ensure a comfortable fit on the finger. Expertly engraved on the interior is ‘The Blade’ (a black country nickname Rutter gained in his youth which morphed into a well-earned tag line for the young and fearless rider), the Edition Number no. of 250 and the HIZ Logo. 1/250 will of course be presented to Rutter himself.

Each ring is presented in a black lacquered ring box. This box in turn is housed in a black presentation box which also contains a small leaflet with Rutter's signature and certification.

We are proud to support Michael Rutter and Bathams Racing and hope that you will enjoy owning and wearing The Blade