Top Five Best Sellers of 2022

If you are a man wearing a wedding ring, it’s a relatively modern thing. It is widely considered that the event of World War II was the catalyst for a sudden increase in men wearing rings as many soldiers fighting overseas wore bands on their fingers as a comforting reminder of their wives and families back home. This sentimental trend grew again during the Korean War and by the mid-20th Century men wearing wedding rings had become more mainstream.

However, ‘grooms to be’ are moving away from the traditional look of a wedding ring and searching for something a little more unique.

Here at HIZ we have placed Zirconium with the more traditional metals used in men’s wedding rings and created a new product range with a twist to give you even more choice for your forever ring. 

We thought we would showcase 5 of the best men's Black Zirconium Rings as features on our best sellers list at


Zander is a firm favourite here at HIZ Jewellery and you will always find him on the best sellers list.

The name Zander has strong ancestry and is primarily of Greek origin meaning Protector of The People or Defender of Men. This ring is suitably named therefore as it will be worn as a symbol of your vows to protect and support your soon-to-be spouse.

Zirconium is not new. It’s actually an ancient chemical element and has been around for thousands of years but was only identified as recently as 1789. In fact, Zirconium has been used in the making of jewellery for centuries and it was believed that crafting and wearing this black coloured jewellery would promote wisdom, wealth and honour. Perhaps the perfect metal to represent the bond of marriage then and Zander doesn’t disappoint.

Zander is everything you would expect from a black Zirconium men’s wedding ring. He is 6mm wide and crafted in a soft court profile for maximum comfort and good looks. He has diamond-cut grooves expertly carved on his outer edges which in turn curve away gently giving a cushioned fit on the finger.

These etching of these simple decorative lines into Zander’s smooth black zirconium surface reveal the metals natural lustre, the colour of which is superbly highlighted against the soft sheen of the brushed matt finish.

Zander has the HIZ trademark contrasting inner, which in this case is Sterling Silver, that perfectly echoes the iridescence of the etched grooves and promotes this simple but impactful design detail.


Asa is understated and handsome all rolled into one.

The name Asa has its roots in ancient Hebrew and is listed in the Old Testament associated with the third King of Judah. In Hebrew, Asa means Healer and/or physician but the name is also associated with ‘Hope’.

As stunning as he’s simple, Asa has the finest inlaid band of Rose Gold offset towards an outer edge which serves to enhance his sculpted lines and gives him a subtle but highly attractive design feature.

Asa is a superb example of Zirconium’s fascinating properties. When placed under direct extreme heat Zirconium is transformed with dramatic effect. The heat causes Zirconium to change colour ranging from greys through to black finishes. This can be finished to a matte or polished to a dazzling shine and Asa’s is a classic example of the appeal of zirconium as his jet-black surface polishes to a captivating reflective sheen. This iridescent quality is enhanced by the gleaming Sterling Silver core rendering Asa a truly unique and an eye-catching piece of wedding jewellery. 

Asa is also available with Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum inlays but it is the evocative pinkish tones of Rose Gold combined with dark black vibrancy of Zirconium that is proving to be a popular choice and positioning Asa as a serious contender for the top spot on the best sellers list.


Unadorned, yet impossibly elegant.

Popular amongst those that want a more traditional look with a little twist, Grafton is a 9ct Yellow Gold men’s wedding ring finished to a Soft Court profile. His smooth curved sides and gently rounded profile provide a ring in the more conventional wedding ring style however his jet black inner reveals his contemporary side.

The name Grafton has its ancient roots in the English landscape with graf meaning "grove" and tun meaning "enclosure”. It was a habitational name given to a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill, stream, church, or type of tree. This grew in stature and eventually became the title of a Dukedom dating back to 1675.

The rich glow of Grafton’s golden form is further emphasized by his dark smooth Black Zirconium inner detailing that lays secretly inside, only revealed when you remove him from your finger.  

And it’s this secret black interior that holds the key to Graftons popularity. Zirconium is not only attractive due to its deep dark colour changing qualities, but this savvy metal is incredibly lightweight and amazingly durable at the same time. Recording a remarkable 8 - 8.5 on the Mohs scale, zirconium performs as a highly scratch resistant metal. Great, therefore, for a ring that you will be wearing all day, every day!

Available in three different widths and weights, and two finishes, Grafton is a stunning men’s wedding ring that you can customise to create the ring you desire.


Mycroft is the epitome of elegance.

A a modern 5.5 mm flat court wedding ring with real presence and appeal so it’s no wonder that he is a permanent player in the HIZ Ring top 5!

The contrast between the soft silky finish of Mycroft's brushed matt black Zirconium and the brilliance of his polished Yellow Gold edges is emphasised even further by the fact that the central black inlay stands slightly proud providing a decorative stepped edge with attractive angles.

It’s these strong lines and bold design that gives Mycroft his modern appearance but it’s the near superhero qualities that make him so wearable. This attractive black metal is not susceptible to corrosion and is highly scratch resistant, so much so in fact that Zirconium is widely used industrially, and can be found in the manufacture of space shuttles due to its excellent heat resistant properties. Therefore, Mycroft’s raised profile is practically damage-proof and he will retain his good looks for years to come.

And last but not least, Mycroft hides a secret black Zirconium highly polished finish interior detail, only visible when removed from your finger further promoting his splendour and class and confirming his position as a highly desirable piece of wedding jewellery here at HIZ Jewellery.


This unique, 6mm HIZ ring needs little introduction.

Put simply, Ezra is a stunning, black wedding ring that is effortlessly sublime. 

His cool matt finish serves as an understated setting perfectly promoting the subtle brilliance of the complete circle of jet-black diamonds which dazzle brilliantly against the muted brushed Zirconium. 

They say that diamonds are forever and true to form, due to the Zirconium’s fabulous properties, Ezra can not only be worn forever but will look good forever. Zirconium is a hypoallergenic metal so a great choice for those men with sensitive skin or allergies. And being so durable this attractive dark metal is not only easy to wear but virtually indestructible which serves as great protection for the diamond nestled within his handsome form.


So. there we have it, the top 5 best black zirconium rings on the best sellers list at HIZ Jewellery.

In short Zirconium is the best kept secret within the world of men’s wedding rings. It’s attractive in its own right and is hardwearing enough to be an everyday choice so the perfect metal for men’s wedding rings. This new, unique line of black wedding and fashion rings transforms Zirconium by combining it with other metal to create luxurious finishes and creative designs, positioning it as a highly desirable and attractive choice of metal for your wedding or dress ring.