Zirconium is a metal beyond compare. It is 100% natural and has a remarkable range of interesting properties.


An ancient chemical element, zirconium was originally discovered in 1789. Zirconium is an element with durable properties and has been used in jewellery craft for centuries. Zirconium jewellery was believed to promote wisdom, wealth and honour and so would seem to be the perfect metal to represent the bond of marriage and the journey through married life together. Zirconium is so resilient that it has previously been widely used industrially. It is resistant to corrosion and has also been used on space shuttles due to its excellent heat resistant properties.

Zirconium is extracted from Zirconium Dioxide and the mineral Baddeleyite, primarily mined in locations such as: United States, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Sri Lanka.


When placed under direct extreme heat Zirconium experiences a colour change. Colours range from grey to black finishes and can even have blueish tones! It can be used with any other precious metal to create a luxurious finish and creative designs.  Don’t worry, the colour finish is permanent so your Zirconium ring will not fade. 


Zirconium is lightweight but also durable. It records 8-8.5 on the Mohs scale* making it a highly scratch resistant metal.  It’s also hypoallergenic so a great choice for those men with sensitive skin or allergies.


In short Zirconium is the best kept secret within the world of men’s wedding rings. Zirconium is attractive in its own right and pure Zirconium is hardwearing enough to be an everyday choice so the perfect metal for men’s wedding rings. However, we have incorporated this lesser-known metal with the more traditional metals used in men’s wedding rings and created a new product range to give you even more choice.  This new and unique line of wedding and fashion rings transforms Zirconium, positioning it as a highly desirable and attractive choice of metal for your wedding or dress ring.

* Mohs a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 using a series of reference minerals, and position on the scale depends on ability to scratch minerals rated lower.
** An assay is an investigative procedure in laboratory medicine, mining, pharmacology, environmental biology and molecular biology for qualitatively assessing or quantitatively measuring the presence, amount, or functional activity of a target entity.


Dark in Colour - Subtly different, attractive finishes, sits well with precious metals.

Durable - Ideal for everyday wear

Lightweight - Comfort fit and easy to wear, for gents who find rings uncomfortable

Permanent Finish - Perfect today and for the rest of the marriage

Hypoallergenic - No concern for sensitive skin or allergies

Workable - Peace of mind for future sizing, a range of attractive finishes available, which combined with precious metals makes for a very stylish piece of jewellery

Stone set - A Zirconium or part Zirconium ring can support diamonds which really stand out against the black, grey tones 

Reasonable – a great looking ring for an affordable price – what’s not to love!